5 Powerful Benefits Of Apricot Oil For Your Skin

Due to its non-greasy, smooth texture and neutral odor, apricot oil is frequently used in massage oils and essential oil formulations.

Apricot oil is made from the apricot kernels and contains a lot of oleic and linoleic acids as well as some vitamin E, all of which are excellent for your skin.

The biggest benefits of apricot oil are listed below for you.

1. May Aid with Psoriasis Treatment

Between 2 and 26% of Americans have psoriasis, a skin condition that causes dry, crusty, red areas of skin with silvery scales.

But people who have this problem can benefit from apricot oil. The overproduction of keratinocytes, the skin cells, is linked to psoriasis.

Also, a lab study found that bitter apricot essential oil stops the growth of human keratinocytes by making them die, which is called apoptosis. 

2. Works As A Moisturizer

Applying apricot oil could help if you frequently battle dry, itchy skin.

The oil contains oleic and linoleic acids, which can both be quite beneficial.

Because it absorbs quickly into the skin, apricot oil works as an occlusive agent to stop your skin from losing moisture.

Additionally, it is an emollient that helps soften your skin without giving it that greasy feel that most of us detest.

Vitamin E, which is also in apricot oil, helps the skin absorb and hold on to water. This makes the skin more hydrated.

3. Treats acne

Traditional acne treatment methods often use apricot oil. Even though the exact way apricot oil works hasn’t been looked into, the fact that it contains linoleic acid probably explains why it helps with acne.

According to one study, using linoleic acid for a month caused a 25% reduction in the number of microcomedones, or clogged skin pores.

Use apricot oil in order to treat microcomedones before they develop into whiteheads or blackheads, especially if you are prone to acne.

4. Aids in easing eczema

A skin condition known as eczema causes dry, itchy skin that may ooze when touched.

Around 30% of Americans are considered to be afflicted by this widespread skin ailment.

Because of its calming properties, apricot oil is frequently used to treat eczema.

5. Assists In Defending Against The Negative Effects Of Pollution

Smog and air pollutants are continually in contact with our skin.

Even though not much research has been done on apricot oil’s ability to protect against pollution, studies show that the vitamin E in it may have some benefits.

So these are the 5 Powerful Benefits Of Apricot Oil For Your Skin.

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